We work closely with our clients and growers to meet the market’s demands. Our main products are Mange Tout, Sugar Snap Peas, Blackberries, French Beans and Avocados. Due to our strong relationship with professional growers in Guatemala we can get other products if required by our clients.

Snow Pea

The Snow Pea, also known as mangetout, snow pea or sugar snap pea, has a flat small pea inside its pod, both of which are edible. They have a slightly sweet taste.

How do you eat it?

It can be eaten in stir-fries, soups, steamed or salads as a garnish.

Green Bean

The Green Bean or Haricot Vert is a special variety of bean, highly prized for its fineness and size. They are slightly thinner and more tender than regular green beans.

How do you eat it?

It can be steamed or lightly blanched to bring out its green color. It is recommended to serve with butter and herbs, as a garnish or in salads.


The avocado is an oval or pear-shaped fruit, its skin varies from green to deep purple. Its pulp is oleic and creamy with a color that varies from yellow to light green.

How do you eat it?

Its most common use is in salty foods but due to its neutral flavor it can also be used in desserts and smoothies.


Blackberries belong to the berry family and are high in health-beneficial antioxidants. They are actually small individual fruits with one seed each, grouped in clusters around a center that is also edible. Blackberries are juicy and have a sweet and sour taste.

How do you eat it?

The blackberry is generally eaten raw, but it is also widely used cooked or as a juice. As it is a sweet and juicy fruit it is popular in salads, yogurt, jams, and as a filling for pies and pies.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are a cross between common peas and snow peas. The pod is edible with a firm and plump texture, which contains small sweet-tasting peas inside. This pea is much sweeter and more succulent than the common pea.

How do you eat it?

It can be eaten in stir-fries, soups, steamed, salads or as a garnish.


We have an efficient packaging plant in which we classify and pack the product according to each client’s specifications.

The pack house works with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and implemented the Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Point (HACCP) since 1998. We use BRC as an operating guide.

We do a wide variety of prepacks according to our clients’ specifications. This kind of packaging, whether in bags or punnets, help preserve the shelf-life of our products and offer a better presentation to the consumer. For the wholesale sector we also work with bulk packages.


We sign contracts with medium and small holder grower groups of producers in the Guatemalan Highlands.

Before signing a contract, our technical staff visits and evaluates the plantations in order to verify that they fulfill the agricultural, environmental and food safety regulations.

FRUTESA offers the contracted growers partial financing of seeds, agricultural inputs, technical assistance, supervision of the different crops and management support.

Ongoing training programs have resulted in using fewer pesticides and applying more physical, ethological and biological methods to the integrated pest control management. This benefits the environment and the growers and consumers health

We work with groups of farmers with GLOBAL G.A.P. certification which allows us to guarantee that they work with good agricultural practices and meet the high standards of our clients.


We export by air, land and sea using the best logistic services to ensure the best and most efficient cargo handling.

Corporate Social Responsibility

FRUTESA acts as a strong link between our international clients and our Guatemalan growers, and we believe that when one of these sides improves, the other will too.

Therefore, since the beginning FRUTESA helps its growers as much as possible, accompanying them on the path of success and development so that they can improve their quality of life.

The contracts that we sign with the growers give them the certainty of having a buyer before they even start planting, and the assurance that they will also receive a fair price.

Since 1983 FRUTESA has never failed to honor a contract or missed a single payment which results in an impeccable out in every transaction.

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