About Us


“We are an exporting company that forms a strong supply chain, uniting Guatemalan farmers and peasants with importers and consumers abroad, providing healthy products with the highest quality standards”


“To be leaders in the export of fruits and vegetables from Guatemala to the world, working with excellence and quality, generating well-being and development at all levels of our value chain”

We Are Experts

Quality Policy

FRUTESA is a World Class company whose number one rule is to export only fruits and vegetables grown and packed under the most strict quality, hygiene and food safety standards that fulfill the rigorous requirements of the international market.

Excellence in Quality and Service

Is the principle that guides us and we spare no effort to achieve this through the continuous improvement of our processes, products and personnel.

Some of our products

We work closely with our clients and growers to meet the market’s demands. Our main products are Mange Tout, Sugar Snap Peas, Blackberries, French Beans and Avocados. Due to our strong relationship with professional growers in Guatemala we can get other products if required by our clients.

Snow Peas

Green Beans


Corporate Social Responsibility

FRUTESA acts as a strong link between our international clients and our Guatemalan growers, and we believe that when one of these sides improves, the other will too.

Therefore, since the beginning FRUTESA helps its growers as much as possible, accompanying them on the path of success and development so that they can improve their quality of life.

The contracts that we sign with the growers give them the certainty of having a buyer before they even start planting, and the assurance that they will also receive a fair price.

Since 1983 FRUTESA has never failed to honor a contract or missed a single payment which results in an impeccable out in every transaction.

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