Since 1983 FRUTESA has worked with small farmers organized in associations, committees and cooperatives.  To date, it maintains stable relations with around 1,000 small farmers located mainly in the regions of Sacatepéquez, Chimaltenango and Huehuetenango.

At the beginning of each season FRUTESA signs contracts with these groups, which specify: producer, product, location and quality requirements.  In order to help the farmers meet the quality requirements stated in the contract, we give them technical assistance, training sessions and supervision.  This is done by FRUTESA’s professional staff with the support of other institutions and companies specialized in integrated crop management, safe handling of agricultural inputs, and environmental protection.

FRUTESA has worked hand in hand with the producers in order to obtain good profitability and progress for their families and communities.   Since 1983 FRUTESA has maintained an excellent reputation with the farmers, as a company that complies with its payments and commitments.

We work with groups of farmers with Global G.A.P. certification which allows us to guarantee that they work with good agricultural practices and meet the high standards of our clients.