Agricultural Practices

FRUTESA exports products from groups of growers that sign contracts with us.  Before signing these contracts, our technical staff visits and evaluates the plantations in order to verify that they fulfill the agricultural and environmental requirements, as well as the food safety regulations. The contracted groups of growers must have a solid organizational structure, have responsible and creditworthy individuals that exercise real and dynamic leadership, and consist of members willing to comply with all the production requirements of our Company.

FRUTESA offers to the groups that need it, partial financing of seed, agricultural inputs, technical assistance, supervision of the different crops and management support for the organized growers.

Our professional staff works with the support of Institutions specialized in crop protection, food safety and environmental conservation.  Ongoing training programs that FRUTESA´S developed for the growers have resulted in using fewer pesticides and applying more physical, ethological and biological methods to the integrated pest control management.  This has benefited the environment and the growers’ and consumers’ health.

We are currently using the FarmForce software which allows us to control in real time all the activities carried out by the growers.  Its greatest advantage is the usage of mobile technology to facilitate the record keeping and maintain a good communication between the growers, field technicians and FRUTESA.